30 Hour Fintech HackaThon This Weekend as ETHLend partners up with Jaarvis Accelerator for Hack2Solve

The hackathon will be held at Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, India.

The topics are social banking (blockchain / AI Chat Robots / Robo Advisors), discounting and lending, InsurTech, WealthTech, KYC and privacy.

ETHLend rewards the hackathon winner with 20 000 LEND tokens for the most innovative solution on these topics. The hackathon is a good opportunity for ETHLend to receive feedback on decentralized lending and share knownledge on Smart Contracts development.

We think we have lot to offer and lot to receive. ETHLend’s Local Advisor Opindeer Preet Singh is discussing on how ICOs might assist FinTech startups on their innovations. Opinder will also demonstrate the ETHLend dapp for the participants. Do join the hackathon if you are around in Ghaziabad! 

About #Hack2Solve

Hack2Solve, an initiative of Jaarvis Accelerator, is a platform to facilitate hackers and designers in transforming their ideas from a concept to a functioning product or prototype ready stage, which then will be made market ready and/or investor ready through JA’s Acceleration Programme. The events will take place in a real-world space; you can code through the night or bring your sleeping bag.

The first episode of Hack2Solve would be on Fintech, simply because it is the correct time to work on Fintech, especially in India. With the boom in the Fintech industry, innovation in this domain is an absolute necessity. For this episode of Hack2Solve, JA has partnered with Axis Bank and IMT Ghaziabad and IncubateInd is the event partner. From this episode, JA aims to curate the best possible Fintech concept and/or prototype which can be accelerated to a successful business.

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