Helsinki Ethereum Meetup Was a Success


This week ETHLend was presenting for a full crowd of Ethereum developers and enthusiasts in Helsinki Finland at Reaktor. Reaktor is a full service software house based in Helsinki and additionally in Tokyo, Amsterdam and New York.

The event was quite amazing. The founder of ETHLend Stani Kulechov and the Head of Token Sale Martin Wichmann presented the basic overview on decentralized application – Dapps and introduced decentralized lending, ETHLend to the crowd.

ETHLend received lot of positive feedback on the product. Most appraised feedback related on the fact that the decentralized lending application was so far ahead. The event followed by discussion on token sales and ICOs, where we demonstrated that a working prototype is a sign of a well-founded project.

Moreover, the event consisted of a live coding session, where developers who were new to Solidity, developed a simple escrow agreement where the funds were released upon when a certain block was met. Much discussion was around on the fact that developing Smart Contracts might be difficult since it involves lot of planning since the Smart Contract cannot be changed afterwards. Overall, most new comers to Solidity and Ethereum were interested on learning more on the development and ETHLend as well.

We thank all participants and Reaktor for inviting us to such a great event!

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