We want to bring democracy to lending. There are many people that do not have the access to banking. This means that they have less access to finance. We want to make lending possible without banks. We want that anyone could lend to anyone from anywhere. Moreover, we want to erase the interest rate differences between countries and bring true loan market for the people by the people.

Smart Contract

Each loan creates a smart contract on Ethereum blockchain network. All the functions are decentralized. This adds more security for loans.

Collateral Tokens

Loan repayment is secured with any ERC20 Token. If the borrower does not pay the loan back, tokens are transferred to the lender.

ENS Domains

Ethereum Name Service Domains (.eth) will be used alternatively as a collateral. Loan could be backed by 100% of the deposit placed for ENS domain.

Credit Tokens

Each 1 ETH that is repaid, the borrower receives 0.1 ETHLend native Credit Tokens (CRE). CRE can be used to access unsecured loans (0.1 CRE entitles to borrow 0.1 ETH without a collateral).

Unsecured Loans

EthLend will implement uPort for providing self-sovereign identity based lending as 3rd alternative. Lenders can access higher profits by funding unsecured loans.


EthLend will adopt Know-Your-Customer policies and make KYC process easy and secure. Lending and borrowing should be easy.

We are delivering the global lending market.

The ETHLend Team.