Q2 2017
The ETHLend Alpha is published on the Ethereum main-net

ETHLend delivers a fully functional prototype of the decentralized application.

Q2 2017
Collateralized lending is enabled for ENS-domains

ETHLend provides an alternative to using ERC-20 compatible tokens as collateral with ENS domains. In case the borrower defaults, the lender can claim the domain from the Smart Contract for further auctioning or holding.

Q2 2017

ETHLend provides a White Paper presenting a road-map on the developments ETHLend undertakes. It also contains information on decentralized lending and the ETHLend DAPP.

Q3 2017
Reputation-based lending using credit tokens (CRE)

ETHLend provides lending based on reputation, which provides users with the possibility to borrow without using a collateral.

Q3 2017

The LEND token pre-sale took place, where ETHLend sold a small portion (6% of the total amount sold) of the LEND tokens with 20% bonus tokens for pre-sale participants. The pre-sale sold out within 77 hours raising over 600 000 USD worth of Ethereum.

Q4 2017
Official LEND Token Sale

1 000 000 000 LEND (the amount sold during the pre-sale subtracted) is sold to future participants of the global lending market for a 4-week period.

Q4 2017
FIAT Based Loans and Instalments

The ETHLend DAPP will make it possible to select FIAT currencies such as USD as a base for the ETH loan. USD-based loans would mean that the borrower borrows USD 100 worth of ETH and returns USD 100 worth of ETH plus interest.

Q1 2018
Relocating to Zug

ETHLend will relocate to Zug, Switzerland, known as the crypto valley due to the sandbox regulation on blockchain technology.

Q1 2018

ETHLend will use LEND token airdrops to increase user adoption and add more volume to the loan book. An airdrop means that a certain number of tokens is distributed to the users of the decentralized application.

Q1 2018
On-Demand and Crowd Lending (Loan Offers from Lenders)

On-demand lending provides the opportunity for the lenders to place loan offers on ETHLend by setting the loan and collateral terms. Other lenders can join the loan offer, hence creating a liquidity pool.

Q1 2018
Decentralized Credit Rating (DCR)

By using Credit Token (CRE) and the previous loans on ETHLend, we will create a decentralized credit rating that can be used for other decentralized applications as well.

Q2 2018
Penalties for Late Payment

In case the borrower pays an instalment or a loan too late, measures are added to motivate repayment. These measures might be additional costs of ETH and burning a certain amount of the borrower’s Credit Tokens (CRE).

Q2 2018
Zero-fee Lending with LEND currency and 50% Discounts

LEND token becomes the main lending currency on the application enabling zero-fee lending and Ethereum can be used as a collateral or currency as well. Other currencies than LEND, the lenders and borrowers receive 50% discount on fees when LEND is used as a collateral.

Q2 2018
Lending Bitcoin

Bitcoin lending added to the DAPP.

Q2 2018
Gateway for Decentralized Providers (uPort, Civic) to DCR*

ETHLend will provide a gateway for the decentralized credit rating for third party services such as uPort or Civic. These services can be used when the borrower does not have enough previous loans.

Q3 2018
Protocol to Enable AI and Big Data to Assess Credit Risk*

ETHLend will provide a protocol for developers to create bots that use Artificial Intelligence and the Ethereum blockchain ledger data combined with ETHLend’s decentralized credit rating data to asses Credit Risk.

Q4 2018
Prediction Market to Assess Credit Risk*

ETHLend will either create a prediction market on ETHLend or partner with third party prediction market providers (such as Augur or Gnosis) to provide a prediction market on loan repayments.

Q4 2018
Lending Other Altcoins and tokens*

ETHLend will add other altcoins and tokens for lending.

Q1 2019
Protocol to Enable Insurance policies (with AI bots)

ETHLend will add a protocol to enable Insurance policies (guarantees) on ETHLend. This means that third parties can guarantee loans for a premium to secure defaults.

Q2 2019
Sophisticated Collateral Control (Calling & Liquidating the Collateral)

ETHLend will add mechanisms to call and liquidate the collateral, in case the collateral value drops to a certain threshold. The borrower will also have the option to provide more collateral to avoid the liquidation.

Q3 2019
Competitive bidding on interest rates between lenders

ETHLend will develop an auction-like bidding function for the decentralized application. This is to provide the best market rate on interest rates for the borrowers.

Q3 2019

ETHLend will expand the decentralized lending application and the decentralized credit rating beyond the Ethereum network to other distributed ledger networks.

Q4 2019
LEND Vesting for the Development Fund ends

The 24-month vesting period for tokens that are distributed for developers and founders will end. By this point a fully functional and marketed product is delivered.

* This milestone development requires full token sale cap achieved due to the resources required.

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